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About WSTA

Founded in 1910, the Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association (WSTA) is Wisconsin's premier telecommunications and broadband industry association.

WSTA serves as a unified voice for our member companies with state and federal lawmakers and regulators, a broad base of stakeholders, and the general public. Currently, WSTA represents more than 70 incumbent local exchange carriers, internet service providers and wireless carriers.

As a member-run association, we utilize our state and national network of telecommunications experts to develop, review and support policies to promote the deployment and accessibility of communications and broadband products and services. Member representatives volunteer their time on various committees and the WSTA Board of Directors to discuss, debate and establish association positions relevant to education, legislation, regulation, and training for telecommunications and broadband.

WSTA conventions, conferences and seminars provide educational programming and networking opportunities for our member companies. We facilitate strong partnerships between our Active Member providers and Associate Member advisors, consultants, contractors and suppliers.


Telecommunications providers cooperatively enhancing Wisconsin’s quality of life and economic opportunities through improved infrastructure and services.

Mission Statement

The mission of the WSTA is to be the premier state association of Wisconsin’s diverse telecommunications providers united to:

  • Lead and excel in service quality, reliability and information security;
  • Advocate effectively for legislative and regulatory reform;
  • Build consensus by providing an effective forum for industry discussion;
  • Promote an advanced integrated infrastructure;
  • Provide a high quality telecommunications resource to inform and educate members, regulators, legislators and customers; and,
  • Support appropriate enhancements to public safety and homeland security. 


Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association

1502 W Broadway, Suite 102

Monona, WI 53713

Phone: 608-256-8866

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